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Lyophilised Apilarnil (Queen Larva) Capsule 40 Capsules

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Lyophilized Apilarnil (Queen Larva) Capsule 40 pcs

1. This product has been produced by pulverizing of liquid (fresh) apilarnil with the lyophilizing with special machines and methods and capsulation of it. 

2. Our products are produced in our facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standard certificates, in accordance with Turkish Food Codex. 

3. The capsules used in products are totally herbal and have halal certificate. (Free of jelly)

4. Barcode No: 8682815947156

What is Apilarnil? 

·         Apilarnil is a bee product which can be obtained from the bee larva. The apilarnil that is collected in suitable times and with accurate methods, is a cold-chain product and get oxidated very quickly when exposed to the air. To prevent this, it is lyophilized in short time and thus, its content can be protected. Finally, the pulverized apilarnil is capsulated with the jelly-free and halal-certificated herbal capsules in our facilities which is in accordance with ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards. Being the first in Turkey, our product, whose production does not contain alcohol, glycol, preservers or additives at any level, is introduced for you, our dear customers, after packaging.

 Content: It is capsulated in order to protect the content values, to prevent the oxidation and to be used in suitable doses. A capsule contains approximately 500 mg of Lyophilised Apilarnil (Queen Larva) powder. (40 X 500 mg).

 Recommended Use: The product contains Lyophilized Apilarnil (Queen Larva) powder in suitable amount for human use. It is recommended to use it fasting once (1) in a day. 

 User Group: This product is suitable for the use by FEMALES aged 11 and over.

 Storage Conditions: Store it in the refrigirator with its lid closed. Keep away from high temperature and sunlight. Keep away from children. 

 Warning: Bee products may cause allergic effects on people with high allergic risk. Consult your doctor when you see an unexpected effect, during pregnancy and lactation periods and in cases of illness and drug use.

 Do not exceed the recommended daily portion.

 It is not a drug! It does not replace normal nutrition.

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