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Wild Flowers Honey 450g

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Wild Flowers Honey 450g

1- Totally natural. Free of additives.

2- Our products are produced in our facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standard certificates, in accordance with Turkish Food Codex.

3- Barcode No: 8682815947026


● Harşena Wild Flowers Honey has won BRONZE MEDAL and was awarded as WORLD NUMBER 3 at the first of Apimondia World Beekeeping Congress World Honey Competition which was held in İstanbul in 2017.

● Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature (22°C) with its lid closed. Keep away from high temperature and sunlight.

● Warning: Bee products may cause allergic effects in people having high risk of allergies.

● Children under 1 year old should not be fed honey!

● Due to its nature, honey can be crystallized over time. It can be consumed in this way or it can be restored to its first state by keeping it in 45°C water with bain-marie method.

Why Should You Prefer Harşena?

● With 200 years of experience inherited from our ancestors, we produce the cyrstallized flower honey in the natural flora of Amasya naturally and without any additives. The regions, in which our bees are located and we make production, has a rich flora and plant diversity. Therefore, our most important difference is the region in which we make production. We are proud to be able to announce the name of the lands on which we have grown up and make production and the name of this heavenly homeland to the whole world with the awards that we have won at the international competitions, thanks to this naturality and experience.

Especially in this period of time, in which it is very hard to find the naturality and originality, it is important for you to have an access to the producers that you are familiar with their resources and can trust. Our bee yard and production area is always open for our customers. You can visit us and our bee yard at any time. All of our customers are invited to have a taste of our honey!

How to Recognize the Real Honey?
   Although the crystallization of honey is not a clear and complete proof of its naturality, it can be considered as a clue about its naturality. The naturality of honey can only be seen after the analysis and the comments from specialists on this analysis. Therefore, we make analysis for all of our honey, perform all quality controls before sale and then, we introduce them to our valuable customers. In additon, we share all these analysis with you and try to do our best to provide you detailed information.

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