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Rhododendron (Mad) Honey 850g

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Rhododendron (Mad) Honey 850g

1- Totally natural. Free of additives.

2- Since it is not pasteurized and filtered, it has the characteristics of raw honey.

3- Flora region: Artvin (Borçka) / Black Sea Region.

4- Our products are produced in our facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standard certificates, in accordance with Turkish Food Codex.

5- Barcode No: 8682815947330


● The mad honey, also known as rhododendron honey, is a honey that can be produced from rhododendron flowers that can be seen in Black Sea Region in our country. It also resembles  chesnut honey with its dense texture and harsh/bitter taste.

● In the content of mad honey, which is very valuable due to its limited production and benefits, the toxine from rhododendron flower can also be found. When it is overused, these toxins in its content may cause effects such as sudden hypotension, dizziness and nauseation that are known as honeysickness colloquially. Therefore, it is not recommended to overuse it or consuming it as a breakfast food.

 Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature (22°C) with its lid closed. Keep away from high temperature and sunlight.

 Warning: Bee products may cause allergic effects in people having high risk of allergies.

 Children under 1 year old should not be fed honey!

 Due to its nature, honey can be crystallized over time. It can be consumed in this way or it can be restored to its first state by keeping it in 45°C water with the bain-marie method.


How to Recognize the Real Honey?

   Although the crystallization of honey is not a clear and complete proof of its naturality, it can be considered as a clue about its naturality. The naturality of honey can only be seen after the analysis and the comments from specialists on this analysis. Therefore, we make analysis for all of our honey, perform all quality controls before the sale and then, we introduce them to our valuable customers. In addition, we share all these analyses with you and try to do our best to provide you detailed information.


What is Raw Honey?

   Raw honey is an expression used for honey that has not been subjected to any heat treatment during the production process and has not been filtered to retain the pollen in its content. These processes are applied to prevent crystallization (in other words, solidification) that can occur in honey. This crystallization is totally natural and the crystallization time varies with the plant source of honey, the amount of enzymes, proteins, minerals and natural sugars in its content. So why don't we see crystallized honey on the market shelves? While honey is always sold as crystallized or raw honey in markets abroad, this kind of sale has only just begun in our country. The biggest reason of this is the perception that “frozen honey is fake” in the society. This perception is wrong and the crystallization of honey is totally natural. 

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