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Propolis Extract Spray (Alcohol Tincture) 20ml

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Harşena Propolis Extract Spray (Alcohol Tincture) 20ml

1. This product was obtained by extracting raw propolis in purified water and ethanol (food grade) solution.

2. Our products are produced in our facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standard certificates, in accordance with Turkish Food Codex. 

3. Barcode No: 8682815947088

What is Propolis?

 The propolis is a resin-like bee product which is collected from pips and stems of the herbs by the bees and is rich for flavonoids and phenolic substances. It coIt contains flavonoids, which is active substance of many drugs with its rich chemical structure, antioxidants, substances having biological activity, and substances having antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral effects. For this reason, it is produced by bees to protect the hive against micro-organisms and external factors, to close the cracks in the hive with propolis and to ensure the sterilization of the hive. It contains 50% resin, 30% beeswax, 10% essential and aromatic oils, 5% pollen and 5% organic residues.

 Propolis is collected and stored from the hive with special apparatus. However, as it is first collected, it is not suitable for human use and the percentage of use in the human body in its raw form is only 2%. Therefore, it must be extracted, that is, dissolved in a suitable solventHarşena Alcohol Based Propolis is expertly prepared and packaged in ethyl alcohol, the best solvent of raw propolis, with special methods and machines.


 Content: Pure Propolis (%30) / Extraction Solvent: Pure Water, Ethanol (Food Grade).

 Recommended Use: Unless it is not recommended otherwise by an expert: It is recommended to be consumed twice a day for children aged 4-11, sequeezing one for each time, and twice a day for adults aged 11 and above, sequeezing two for each time.

 User Group: This product is suitable for children aged 4-11 and adults aged 11 and above.

 Storage Conditions: Store it at room temperature (22°C) with its lid closed. Keep away from high temperatures and sunlight. Keep away from children. 

 Warning: Bee products may cause allergic effects on people with high allergic risk. Consult your doctor when you see an unexpected effect, during pregnancy and lactation periods and in cases of illness and drug use.

 Do not exceed the recommended daily portion.

 It is not a drug! It does not replace normal nutrition.

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